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Speed beyond imagination

I don't stand on the site very much, so I have no idea at what pace the site is progressing. That's why this day was also extremely hot and very hot, so I imagined the heat of the site and prepared myself.

Now, when you arrive, huh? ? where is this? Have you been here before? The construction was progressing so much that I could not believe my eyes. Involuntarily loud, amazing! ! I cried. I was really surprised that the work was completed from nothing to the framework of the wall and the partition.

At the same time, the most surprising thing was that there was an air conditioner.

She was the complete opposite of what I had imagined and was very cool.

However, I was surprised by the speed of the craftsmen so much that the feeling of coolness disappeared somewhere.

Sweat flowing like a waterfall

This time, it's not just the shooting of the video, but the day when I also start working.

I left home early in the morning on the day when part of the treasure I ordered in the treasure hunt the other day arrived.

I was sleepy because it was quite far from my house. sleepy than hot

And within 10 minutes of my arrival, the treasure arrived.

Inside the truck was a long bundle of old lumber wrapped in tape and old fittings.

The truck driver checked the inventory and handed over the treasure to me and the president.

It looked quite heavy, but when I tried to carry it from the outside into the store, thinking that two people could do it, the truck driver unwrapped the tape that the owner of the treasure hunt had put together.

We couldn't say anything, wondering what he had done for us. The weight of one tree was considerable, so it was obviously impossible to bundle many trees together. I was sweating like a waterfall just by carrying one, and my sleepiness was blown away somewhere. It was difficult to carry the long tree back and forth with many tools, craftsmen, and security guards, but somehow I managed to finish carrying it, and I was able to take a break.

I thought that this kind of work was usually carried out by carpenters or truck workers, but Kobayashi Shoten's style is to do what they can by themselves. The president says that he wants you to finish the I was convinced that there was a craftsman's idea here as well.

Plenty of work to show off

As soon as we finished carrying a lot of long trees into the store, the carpenters started to move around, began to measure the length of the trees with rough tape measure, and started cutting the trees with circular saws.

I just sat down to take a rest, but seeing the carpenter's fast-paced scene, I immediately started preparing to shoot a video. I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently the work was done, but at the same time, I was satisfied with the progress of the construction that I thought when I first arrived at the site. And I keenly felt the lack of arrangements for my work.

I wonder if the second tree was already finished by the time I finished preparing for the video shoot...

To be honest, I didn't know what the wood would be used for when I started shooting.

Japanese craftsmanship

First of all, the counter and the ceiling were measured by two people, and I somehow got the idea that they would bring wood here. But I wondered how I could attach such a heavy tree here, so I moved on to the next step.

The work of cutting a tree to the length measured with a tape measure. I figured this out too.

Next, I measure the end with a tape measure. Moreover, I marked and measured it with a pencil quite finely.

The work progressed in a matter-of-fact manner, and since I was watching while filming, I had no time to think and started cutting the tree. Instead of cutting the whole thing off, I started to cut it finely over and over again, leaving 1/3 left, and finally cut out that part. Do this process twice and bring it to the counter.

Of course, two craftsmen also carried it to the ceiling of the counter, one with the cut-out part facing up and the other with the cut-out part facing down.

I didn't think it would happen, but the moment the cut-out part put the lower tree on top, the two trees fused together comfortably. Just fine-tune it and do it gently and you're done! What craftsmanship! Moreover, it was completed in one shot.

This process really surprised me. too wonderful.

This traditional Japanese technique uses only wood, without the use of any nails. Craftsmanship.

It's not easy to see the process, so I was shown an amazing thing.

Thoughts on Kobayashi Shouten that changed my impression

My impression of Kobayashi Shoten changed when I came to this site.

I was convinced that it was a wonderful company that used Japanese culture, Japanese tradition, and Japanese craftsmanship to create wonderful works.

Japan is so beautiful, there are still many wonderful things, and Kobayashi Shoten has friends, so I want more customers to use it. I strongly wanted to come.


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