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Make a warmth with a can

filial piety

Recently, I have decided to go home every time something happens. Even after becoming independent, I thought that I shouldn't worry, and when I was about 40 years old (although it was solid), I caused trouble in the past, so it may be better to do filial piety now. I came to go home every time I thought. After that, although this is also solid, I have become friends with my father who was not very close to me, and now I am a good management consultant (former accountant) who consults with me in various ways.

At that time, he decided that he wanted to make a remake of a T-shirt, and it was the appearance of Okan. Originally, she graduated from a clothing vocational school and entered Louis Vuitton, where she met and married her father. She was, and she became a full-time housewife, but I've been watching me sewing since I was a kid. An unknown master who has been making something with a sewing machine for decades.

I thought I'd ask for a can

Why did you come up with the idea of ​​having a warm sardine made? Kikake is when you are making a stand. Of course, if you want to hang something on the stand, the warmth is the best, but if you want to make a new stand (new stand), the warmth also wants to change a little. As a result of various troubles, she decided to remake the T-shirt that was an old uniform, and she tried to make a warmth that looked like a strip. Then, at the moment when it was time to remake, the face of Okan, who used the sewing machine every day, came to her mind. What I thought at that time was the greatness of Japanese candies. The first thing that comes to mind is the presence of the cane. By the way, I'm working in the construction industry like this now. "I think you look good in architecture." That's all I chose for the Department of Architecture, and I'm still doing related work. After all, Okan is great.

Since it was decided, I didn't have much time, so I decided to go home that weekend. She thought she would be wary if she said something about warmth, so she went home without saying anything (various suspects) and asked her to make her T-shirt look like this. Sure enough, there was one word saying, "You came back for that," but somehow the negotiations were concluded. I promise to treat you to delicious rice this time. Of course, there is no charge.

Gong of the year

After all, it's amazing. When I started making it with the help of myself, I went on and on, saying things I didn't understand, such as "This is what a T-shirt looks like" or "What should I do here?" I don't think I can see my eyes anymore, but I think this is also a merit of my age. It's my job to thread the needle, and everything else goes on and on. Perhaps because I can't see my eyes, I think I might sew my hands with the sewing machine, so I'm still using the sewing machine with a tremendous full throttle while keeping my hands close to the sewing machine needle. It's dangerous to look at it, and it makes me sick, but it's amazing because I'm going forward like a drunken fist. Perhaps I got the hang of making one, and from there I cut the cloth, gave instructions to this cloth and this cloth, and the rest of the work was done by the canister, which took half a day to finish. ..

It happened in a blink of an eye, but the composition of being able to work with Kan on a hot summer day, telling myself that this is also a filial piety, and actually being helped, never changes. I arrived home thinking about it. This may be just my impression, but I think that the finished warmth was wrapped in something warm and affectionate. Decorating the warmth I did not simply decorate the warmth, but I was thinking that everyone should be pleased. I'm really glad I made it.

Okan is great. Especially the children are saved and alive. I was the same. It's thanks to Okan that I have now. By the way, I used to be casually told, "You are my nose." I really think so now. That's how great Okan is.

There must be a man with great technology in the world. Through making warmth, I felt that it was really a treasure in the world and one of the things that should be left behind. Not good or bad. The world is made up of thoughts.


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