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Noren dyed in indigo

a hot day like fire

Today is the day I go to NARABI early in the morning to pick up a noren.

When I got in the car to go to the nearest station to pick up the president around 9:00 am, the seats were as hot as fire, and of course the inside of the car felt like it was over 100 degrees Celsius. .

It was hotter than when I was in Isesaki-cho, which I wrote about in my previous blog, and the president who arrived was overwhelmed and laughed a little.

Ayaki-chan's welcome

Ayaki-chan and I have actually been friends for about a year now.

The first time I met was a BBQ that was held in connection with surfing. From there, I started playing privately and got along well with him. So here I dare to call you Ayaki-chan!

Arriving at NORABI and in the intense heat, Ayarai-chan, who was immediately at work, said, “Good morning! ' and she cheerfully said, 'Good morning! ! ’ she replied.

Then she started coffee time, which she said was her routine in the morning, and she made me another cup of coffee.

Just bought a gimbal!

I can't drink coffee, so I set up my camera and gimbal.

Yes Yes! The video taken with the gimbal I tried in Isesaki-cho was well received, so the president bought me a gimbal the other day at an electronics store. I don't have the arms to ring either, but I was very excited.

While I was setting up, Saira-chan told me something while drinking coffee, but I was so focused that I couldn't remember anything. The reason is that I was overwhelmed by the same happening as last time. But I managed to solve the problem and went to the shooting.

Work shooting

The work was neatly rolled up, attached with a ribbon, and an explanation memo attached, and lined up on the table.

The president was very happy to see it.

Just by looking at it, anyone who sees it will know that it is the best work.

I could feel Ayaki-chan's spirit of firmly delivering it to the end.

It seems that each work has been given a name with each thought.

And the skills of the craftsmen who worked hard to create them were left behind in many noren.

The noren I asked for this time is quite large, and if it is dipped in indigo dye, it will weigh several kilograms, or even dozens of kilograms. I really respect that such a heavy noren is dyed outside and hung to dry by a woman. From the same sex, it's cool to be so devoted and pursue what you like.

Even just this noren is a wonderful thing that really draws people in, so when the craftsmanship is gathered, there is no doubt that the best ship will be completed.


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