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Chrono Fake


This is a plan for a bar located a 2-minute walk from Yushima Station.
Due to the fact that the property is on the first basement floor and the corona situation makes it difficult for newcomers to enter, the owner who has a strong feeling for Yushima decided to open a store.

What I proposed was to create a bar that reflected the historical place of Yushima. We decided to use traditional Japanese materials such as Japanese paper for the table, persimmon tannin paint on the wooden wall, and lacquer board on the counter. Like a bar, we use a lot of indirect lighting, and we use antique sofas and lighting. Even though it is a so-called BAR, I think that the fact that the table was made of Japanese paper when you look closely will also be an opportunity to give the man the next time you come to the woman.

Things that were taken for granted in the past are forgotten over time. There are a lot of things like that in interior materials. Is it sad or is it inevitable? While thinking that evolution may actually degenerate, there is no choice but to lose things. However, if possible, we would like them to be a little more active in a different role, so we would like to propose a different role in our design. Japanese paper that becomes a pick-up line for women is fine. I designed the bar while dreaming of having such kind conversations in this bar night after night.



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Business format




Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten

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