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Decorate the shoes made by craftsmen in a space where you can feel the craftsmen

An era when suits are no longer a mast and leather shoes cannot be sold. A plan for a custom-made store that makes use of the handicraft craftsmanship that we have cultivated so far.

When I first visited the store, I was having a meeting with the president, who is the planner of this store, and it was impressive to see the chairman, who is a craftsman, silently making shoes.
Asakusa is a city of craftsmen, but after seeing the chairman who can be said to be the craftsman, I began to think about how to keep this figure.

I proposed a space where you can feel the craftsmanship. I proposed to make the shelves with cypress and have the palace carpenter make them. You can feel Japanese technology in the furniture made by assembling wood, but instead of aiming for a heavy furniture by using plywood, which is a modern material, as a shelf board, it fits the modern sense. Aimed at furniture.

The hanger rack and table are also made of leather that makes shoes, aiming for modern furniture by assembling wood and the elements of fineness and plywood.



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Merchandise store




Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten

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