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Kominka Hotel Monshichi


A small old folk house inn

Along with the plan to relocate a 300-year-old folk house restaurant, it is a plan for an old folk house inn with an eye on business after Corona.
There is a recognition that it is a special hotel just because it is an inn of an old folk house, but there are already many inns of old folk houses nearby because it is a rural area.
I felt that I needed a concept for differentiation.

The hotel will inevitably be smaller due to the planning of the main restaurant and hotel in one old folk house.
It is a small hotel for an old folk house of about 40 m2, but I think that one strong concept can be considered because of its size.
I aimed to be a hotel where I could spend a relaxing time when I came here.

How do you settle down? I remembered that this old folk house was like an old folk house in Totoro's forest surrounded by 300-year-old trees before the relocation.
With that memory and the owner's surfing and love for nature, I decided to aim for an inn in an old folk house surrounded by greenery.

Green Japanese paper is pasted on the large wall as a border, and overgrown plants are planted in the garden.
By unifying the tatami mats and curtains with green, it can be used as an inn for an old folk house where you can feel the memory and nature of a hotel surrounded by forests.
Unlike the inn of an old folk house that exists nearby, it is neither an inn that is strange nor an inn that is the same as an old folk house.
We aim to be a hotel surrounded by nature such as trees and greenery, where people can calm down naturally.



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Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten

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