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It is a plan to relocate Monshi, which is loved by the locals and has been running a tavern for nearly 50 years in a 300-year-old folk house. An old folk house is a special space by itself, but that does not mean that it is loved by people. How will it become a landmark where people gather? I thought.

Place a large counter in the center of the store. The kitchen is completely visible and the operation is difficult, but on the other hand, the visitors can see the sincere work of the staff, and conversation is born there.
That alone creates trust and establishes important communication at restaurants. This big counter is a mechanism for people to get together, have conversations, and come there to create a special time. At first glance, the counters separated by pillars seem to limit usability, but the counter seats, which tend to be monotonous, create simple partitions, and although they are counters, they are used as private rooms. This time it gives you the option of sitting between the pillars.

In order to adapt to the new era while retaining the old folk house, we intentionally use new materials and old materials, and try to keep the old folk house while erasing it. The large counter placed in the center is made of unbreakable plasterer called Mortex, which symbolizes the new material, but the pillars of old materials and the wainscot painted with persimmon astringency are used around it to maintain the familiarity of an old folk house. There is. In the private room surrounding the room, a table made of iron and a top plate with Japanese paper is placed. Japanese paper is pasted on the wall, but Mortex is painted on the floor. By repeating such operations, a modern izakaya was created while retaining its age for some reason.

It's not good because it's old, it's not good because it's new, and by manipulating that proportion of salt plums, I made an impression that I had never felt before, and created a rural but urban place. I want to come again. That feeling is important in restaurants, and I think it is with a good sense of discomfort. I think that creating an old folk house izakaya that makes you want to come again with a sense of discomfort is not just an old folk house izakaya, but a landmark where people gather without permission.



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Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten


Kobayashi Shoten

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