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A stool that allows you to concentrate on the story


If there are two people in the same space, some kind of communication will occur there. Something happens, such as ignoring, speaking, hugging, and talking. Communication that does not occur alone is very difficult, sometimes it develops into a war, and sometimes it is communication to find a lifelong companion. This communication has existed since ancient times, and advanced communication can only be done by humans.

Most of the reasons for coming to a tavern are to drink alcohol and atrophy the frontal lobe, making it difficult to make normal judgments, and the purpose is to communicate normally. Drinking alcohol is something you can't usually say, and you want to enjoy the time you spend talking idiots. It is this stool that tried to bring out the fun and old communication at the standing counter.

Not sitting, not leaning

The standing bar leans against the counter and talks to the staff. Or talk to your companion. It's basically a forward leaning position. Occasionally, standing is tiring, so there is a bar for sitting. You will be able to sit on this bar and perform two actions, leaning forward and sitting, and you will be able to choose your position during the talk. It also gives you a sense of relief that you should sit down if you get tired of leaning forward.

However, I've heard that a drunk person may fall back when sitting on a thin bar. I don't usually fall back at a bar on my stool, such as at home. Because it's normal. But what if you're drunk? Don't you think you might fall behind? I think it's fun at the drinking table, but I felt it was a waste to live with the fear of falling down when I enjoyed the silly story.

Therefore, instead of sitting down, I thought it would be nice if I could have a stool that I could lean on so that I wouldn't fall behind. I'm more tired than sitting because I'm standing all the time, but I think it's still easier to concentrate on the story. Just as it is when I'm in good shape that I'm leaning forward on the counter at the standing bar, I decided that this stool would be better because I leaned on it instead of sitting. In other words, instead of resting, it can be said to be a stool for entering the fighting system.

New material

Make communication, which is the fundamental ability of human beings, manifest. Made for that purpose, this stool is made of a new material, iron and laminated wood. Iron has been around for a long time, but the square-shaped iron is a relatively new material. I'm using it. The fundamental behavior of human beings is manifested with modern materials. That is the purpose of this manufacturing. The shape of the character, which cannot be achieved with wood alone, is made of a strong material called iron, and can withstand the load that people lean on. If this is a weak material, it will be useless in a blink of an eye, but if it is a new material, there is no problem.

The old values ​​are revealed with new materials. It may be a matter of course, but when you look at things like that, the things that are taken for granted look fresh. We go back and forth between the past, the present and the future. I think that if you have that perspective on anything, you will continue to make interesting discoveries.


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