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I will teach you the flow until the completion of the Isesakicho "store" ~ Part-2 ~

This time, we will summarize the second stage of the value provided by Kobayashi Shoten, store design.

There are many types of designs, and the design we provide to our customers is "store design".

So, what is “store design” in the first place? Let's talk from there.

What is "store design"?

"Store design" is a design called space design. Designing a house, designing an office, designing a public space, etc., among others, is to design a store space.

In accordance with the store concept proposal ( in the first stage, we will design with reference to photos along with words such as Japanese modern and Western style. In the early stages, how about getting your favorite photos on Pinterest in advance, or creating a space like this from here? Propose and exchange photos such as. For image photos, we use close to 100 new photos from one store in addition to the existing stock.


After looking at the photos and drawing the drawings, I make the perspective. Customers don't look at the drawings every day, so they can't imagine the space. For that reason, by making a perspective, you will be able to imagine your own store specifically for the first time.


What is the store design that “Kobayashi Shoten” aims for?

We believe that the store design that Kobayashi Shoten aims for is to create a space that the people who work there can confidently say they like. It's often said that you can't do business in a space (sadly, but it's true), but no matter how good the space is, the success of the business is another dimension.

Kobayashi Shoten accepts this reality as a store design specialty store, and considers why a store needs a good space. One of the answers is to create a space that workers can confidently say they like.


The reason for this is that a store makes money by having customers who come to the store buy products that reflect the concept of the store, and the space that matches that concept is the space that the people who work there like. Because most of the time.

Therefore, Kobayashi Shoten creates a distinctive design that anyone can understand. In the process, the store owners may also discover what their concept was when they saw the actual space in front of them. Based on these experiences, I would like the people who have worked with Kobayashi Shoten to create spaces with the feeling that they created the spaces themselves.


Why choose Kobayashi Shoten?

There are many store designers and design and construction companies that specialize in store creation, but I think there are two reasons why Kobayashi Shoten is chosen among them.


The first is the lightness of our footwork and our experience as a company specializing in stores. The store design is a space for the purpose of doing business. Not only "I like this", but will this design lead to prosperous business? It will be completed from the perspective of managers who understand the indicators and economic logic. Kobayashi Shoten specializes in stores, so we understand the business plans that our customers always make when they do business, so we are sometimes said to be a company that can read the atmosphere. Also, because we have a lot of experience, we have the lightness of footwork to respond in the shortest possible time. In other words, Kobayashi Shoten aims to be a company whose goal is to solve the problems faced by merchants, precisely because it is a company with a store in its name.

The second is to use materials that are not in the catalog among the many interior materials. For example, old materials such as pillars and beams of old folk houses, indigo-dyed noren curtains that are rare nowadays, lacquer plates that are used to paint lacquerware, and materials that are not in the catalog can be used as interior materials. , is characterized by the fact that you can create your own unique shop.


I feel that Kobayashi Shoten is often chosen for these two reasons. In particular, I feel that the lightness of the first footwork and the ability to respond with a wealth of experience are great reasons to be chosen.


Store design provided to customers in Isesaki-cho

Let's go back to the original story and take a look at the store design in Isesakicho.

In order to make the concept created in the first stage into a space, we had a meeting with the owner once a week. At that time, we will send photos on the line, exchange phone calls, visit the shop that the owner is aiming for, and research what the owner is looking for. Each time, we reflect it on the drawing, recreate the layout, and select the kitchen equipment at the same time because it is a restaurant.

While going through that process, I will finally show you the atmosphere of the store in perspective. I talked about various things while coming here, but there are rare cases where the image is different when I put it in perspective. . The design of the store is now finalized.


At the stage of store design, the layout and selection of kitchen equipment are not so important, but if you ask about the details, the image perspective you have made may change if the layout changes. Of course, there are times when I make the perspective first in a design competition, but if I make a perspective and make it as the final closing of the store design, I can share the reason why it is this perspective, so the owner's satisfaction is different. , it will be possible to create a single strong axis during the subsequent design and construction work to create a concrete space.


Were you able to convey even a little about "store design"?

Kobayashi Shoten believes that store design is the most important aspect of store development. It can be seen as a concrete perspective, and after all, it is the stage where you can see your store as a visual first, so if the store design goes well, the store development will go well.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are stuck!

I will give you a serious answer! !

Next time, we will talk about 【Design】, the third stage of the value provided by Kobayashi Shoten.

looking forward to!


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