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I will teach you the flow until the "store" in Isesakicho is completed ~Part-1~

We, Kobayashi Shoten, are a company that focuses on store design and carries out construction with the goal of giving shape to brand value. We are good at creating spaces using unique materials that Kobayashi Shoten is good at, after thoroughly discussing what the customer places importance on.

In my blogs so far, I have mainly told you about the atmosphere of the site, but since there was a customer's request, I will tell you the flow until completion!

About the 1st stage, “store concept planning”

As soon as we receive your call, we will conduct a site survey. At that time, we will ask about the schedule, budget, and store image. The most important thing is to look at the site and check if the property can realize what you want to do. For restaurants, which Kobayashi Shoten specializes in, infrastructure capacity such as electricity capacity, gas capacity, and water supply and drainage is very important, so we will visit the site for a field survey.

From there, in order to make "you = customer", "brand value = store features" into "shape = space", we at "Kobayashi Shoten" will make proposals to make the most of the store's features, and work closely with our customers. I will hold meetings one after another.

"Make your brand value a reality"

At Kobayashi Shoten, we listen to a lot of customer feedback. Because everyone's voice is full of words that will be a hint to create a space. We take inspiration from casual words and gestures, clothing and hobbies, and use them to create spaces.

At first, I think it's only natural for anyone to be reluctant to entrust a "store", have worries, or be curious about what kind of company it is. If you have any questions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, website, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The stage this time is "Kissho-sama, Isezaki-cho"

I will talk about the relocation plan of Sushi no Kissho, a long-established sushi restaurant in Isezakicho. The owner was introduced by an acquaintance. I will talk to you on the phone and first visit the site. It was my first face-to-face meeting there.

As always, check the status of your property. This time it was a concrete full skeleton property. It is a property with a deformed plane of 30 tsubo and high ceiling height. The infrastructure capacity was sufficient because it was a section where heavy restaurants wanted to enter in the past.

At this time, we will ask about the owner's ideal image and general image. At this time, I only asked about the number of seats in a standing conversation for about 10 minutes. is. It will take approximately 1 hour.

After listening to your story, I will return to the office and immediately start creating concept sheets and floor plans. It was about 10 minutes of standing talk, so I didn't have a lot of hints, but since the existing store was relocated, I searched for the existing store on the Internet, imagined the personality of the store, and created a concept.

The owner was wearing a beautiful white robe just like a craftsman. In addition, the company name uses the word Kasho, and the store name also likes auspicious naming, and I felt that the theme of craftsmen and the stage of the fair would probably match.

The concept is "a store with the image of a special day, such as a portable shrine and a festival."

When planning a concept, we comprehensively consider what can be done realistically by looking at the property, requests from customers such as the number of seats and the image of the store, and the interior decoration, which is our specialty. Think about a plane, then look for an image photo, think about a plane again, and repeat the process to create a concept sheet little by little. The concept of Kissho-sama was set as "a store with the image of a special day such as a portable shrine and a festival".

At this time, the beautiful concrete frame is not touched too much, which leads to cost benefits, and the old-fashioned wooden frame is the opposite of the modern material of concrete, and the gap makes the interior different from THE Japanese style. I am suggesting the same thing. Instinctively, I also felt that it would be better not to ask the surroundings for that kind of texture, even in the sense of making the woodwork look symbolic.

In such a way, we usually draft a concept within a week to 10 days and share it with the owner. If there is no big deviation, the next step is to think about the design. We will make proposals on what it would look like if we created a perspective and turned the concept into "shape = space".

Part2 is design !

First of all, I explained the first stage of Kobayashi Shoten, "store concept planning", how was it?

First of all, we want our customers to have this kind of image! In order to be able to answer your ideal image, we will instantly understand the content of the story and assemble it into a "shape = space" and always share it.

There are still many processes to complete before the "store" is completed, so the next blog will be about "design". looking forward to!


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