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New ship Isezakicho vol.01

We will build a new ship from now on

For the first time, I see the process of creating an interior space from empty bones. As with anything, I always remember the "first time" while looking at a lot of things.

What the president entrusts with this work is "shooting." That's something I've always touched on, but I'm not really good at taking pictures because I'm basically the person who takes pictures. smile

However, there are things that can be taken from a different perspective than other people because I usually touch them. So I will do my best to do what I have been entrusted with.

Camera preparation

When I arrived at the site, I saw that it was very crowded and the cityscape was also crowded with shopping streets. I suddenly thought that if I opened a store he

I went to a nearby cafe to explain the equipment I will use for the first time.

The president borrowed the equipment because it would be easier to shoot.

However, a problem occurred there.

The recording button does not respond and the remote control does not respond well, probably because the equipment did not match the camera.

I struggled with this for about 30 minutes, but the connection cable was broken after all.

However, there was no problem with shooting, so I prepared for it and went to the scene.

Arrived at the site for the first time

Arrived at the scene.

Uncles of cool field work were working silently there.

When I went inside so that it wouldn't get in the way, it was filled with heat and heat. When I asked the president, "It's not hot at all yet. There are no hotter days. " There were many people working with one fan in a large space, which I couldn't think of. The craftsman is amazing.

First shooting start

Say hello and start shooting.

The skeleton, craftsmanship, and conversation that I have never seen before.

Everything I saw for the first time was put in the picture.

As I was shooting, I could see the issues.

I had some experience with photography in the past, but "video" was very difficult.

Focusing on moving objects and adjusting brightness for moving objects. That was the first problem that came up.

However, I'm relieved that it was delivered to the extent that I should be able to do it now, but I'm still immature, so I would like people who read the blog to warmly watch over it because I will definitely make the best one.

The scene becomes a picture

I thought I was shooting, but the picture was too good before the assignment.

The craftsman, not my arm, was too craftsman to make a picture.

I was pushed back to try my best as an apprentice.

This is the end of the day.

Of course there are a lot of challenges, but I am very happy to be a part of the ship that is being built for completion. I'm looking forward to the completion from now on.

I want to convey the process with my power and everyone's power.


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