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Shelf for hydroponic cultivation


 SDGs that have been talked about recently. All the companies that didn't care about the environment have said that they are SDGs. Considering that Tesla's Earon Mask, which is now the world's number one asset owner, started developing EV cars 10 years ago, Japan was an environmentally underdeveloped country. Now, every company is talking about the environment and sustainability. The word SDGs itself seems embarrassing, but hydroponic cultivation is also attracting attention as part of that. Do SDGs feel cool?

 However, in my opinion, hydroponic cultivation is a little different. The reason is that what you are doing is very primitive, and you can see it when you actually cultivate it, but it is difficult to grow. Unless it is in a controlled place, in other places, for example, when the wind from the air conditioner hits it directly, it quickly withers and living plants are difficult to handle. Therefore, I feel that there are many Minato Ward residents who say that it is different from the image when they get on the trend.


 Sustainable, environmental and SDGs are now central to economic activity. Even that UNIQLO said it was sustainable. I never imagined that such an era would really come, but when it came, I would look at it with a frosty look. So, when I was asked to have a shelf for hydroponic cultivation, I was wondering if that was the time to say so. However, what I thought to wait for a while was that plants should be difficult. By the way, I was asked for the interior of a yakiniku restaurant. It was an attempt to make a santu using hydroponic leaves.

 The spread of sustainable and SDGs is rather welcome. However, in the selfish idea that the methodology is fashionable and nothing is welcome, plants are fashionable and easy-to-understand icons, but it is absolutely difficult to grow this shelf. I thought it would be interesting to make it.


 From the site for hydroponic cultivation, I asked about the size of the fluorescent lamp and the size of the cup, and managed to draw a drawing while attacking the last-minute dimensions at a restaurant in Tokyo where there was not enough space. Even if you can see the fluorescent light, it looks awkward, and since it is troublesome to insert and remove the fluorescent light that is plugged into the outlet, I want a switch nearby so that it can be turned on and off even if it is left in the outlet. I also want to hide the switch in the shelf so that it doesn't stand out. But there is no space. ..

 This is an antithesis that makes designers cry, but it is not easy to change the environment by economic activities by spreading fashionable hydroponic cultivation that is difficult to grow, and many people need to be serious about it. I did my best because I had a goal to make. Perhaps it would have been surprisingly easy to give up without such a goal. By the way, I dared to use a board called China plywood that anyone can use, because I thought that anyone could make it with a material that was easy to handle, and I wanted to say that the design was not so easy.

 The finished shelf seems to be the face of the store because it is near the entrance. However, it is difficult to grow it after all. If you can continue to do it, it will be the face of this store. I think it's difficult to look at the environment that much, but if it's done, it will become one of the faces of the company in the next 10 years. It's attractive as a company. Other than the real thing, it should be eliminated soon, but what kind of effect can such environmental activities with economic principles have on the earth? How many companies are serious? I can't imagine yet. Can this abnormal weather really be suppressed? Will the flood in Japan disappear? What about Corona? If the summer is hotter than this, the children's summer vacation will not be fun either. I feel sorry for the children from now on.


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