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Single plate table that slips in time

The value of being old

 I like old things. More specifically, I like old values and ideas. For example, just as the saying contains the truth for living, I think that old things and things that remain until the present day have essence. So what I'm always looking at is how to use old materials to match modern values? Or, how can you put old values on something made of new materials? I am thinking about such things. I'm not thinking about antiques at the top, but how can I make full use of furniture and finishes to create an interior space that attracts people so that people are attracted to antiques? Is my theme.

Come up with Godzilla

 When I went to a meeting at the store, there was a clerk who had a projector and was playing games and watching videos during breaks. It seems that the customers who came here are also enjoying the game. The trace remained. At that time, the old Godzilla flowed past the nostalgic feeling on the projector that I glanced at. The clerk knows the Godzilla well and talks about the history of Godzilla with another clerk.

 The owner of this shop likes old culture, he asks for old-shaped amps, and he plays music that he has never heard. I knew such music even though I was the same age as me, so I thought that the video played by the clerk working there was also an old Godzilla.

 Yes, I thought that enjoying this shop was a time slip of the times. I thought it would be interesting to enjoy the time slip in a modern way, which is what differentiates the store and makes it a space.

Old tree for time slip

 Designs made from old wood are now in prosperity. Why do you use it? I think there are various reasons for saying that, but if anything, the shape of the old tree has a taste, but there are many reasons. Old trees are so attractive. I also wanted to use it somewhere, but I couldn't find a reason beyond the shape and it cost money, so I didn't have a chance to use it.

 However, this time it was different. Today, we, the flowing images and the desks on which we are sitting, are the mechanism to make a pseudo time slip in the age of Godzilla. There was a reason to use the old wood for its cool look and for invisible concepts. After that, by finding an old tree of a size that can secure the requested number of seats and making it a high table, it should be in the 1960s.

 Where is the old tree that is quite large? I called the lumber shop and searched for various things. There is a cost, so you have to look for an old tree that is cheap and has a strange shape. The amount of money was high, the place was far away, and there was nothing of that era in the first place, and as a result, I found a lumber shop that I didn't know but looked interesting.

Insanely wide paradise

 First of all. The lumber shop I found was insanely interesting. And I don't want to be known so much, so I'll refrain from the place, but I imagined that I would be the president through a phone call in advance, but when I met him, he was an interesting person. That personality was also in the warehouse. He says it's not fun at just a lumber shop and he's doing this to survive.

 Anyway, there are various things in spite of being a lumber shop. I never get tired of it even after a day. There are many warehouses on the vast site, and there are things that you have never seen, and things that you know in the picture but have never seen in life. I was going back and forth between the premises thinking about how to use it, and when I had an order like this, I could use it.

Make a table

 What is the essential table tree? I decided to use the right side of the photo at the beginning. Although it is a soft tree called poplar, it has been dried for a long time, so it will not go crazy, and if it is coated with urethane, the hardness of the surface can be guaranteed and it is judged that there is no problem. Regarding painting, there is a common wisdom that oil can leave the texture of wood, and especially in the case of a single plate, oil painting seems to be the best. However, my idea is a little different. Depending on the space used, the luster of the urethane coating may feel beautiful. This time it was a restaurant, so it was said that a paint film was necessary, but it is not just a space to enjoy the texture of wood, but it seems that you can touch Frank more with the heavy air feeling created by old wood. I felt that it was necessary to make it, so I chose the glossy urethane coating without hesitation. The tree is not the main character, but the concept of the space including the tree is more important.

Enjoy old movies

 As a result, even though the table is quite expensive, I think I was able to change the price to friendliness rather than the price. Of course, if you look closely, you can see the awesomeness of real wood. The ears on the side are also amazing. However, instead of boasting about it, it was discovered that the awesomeness of the tree could be used as a side role because of the air flowing in that place. From now on, I would be happy if I could use it in a way that suits the values of modern young people, rather than saying that it is expensive and the best because it is a single plate.


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