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To treasure hunt

Local business trip I was looking forward to

No matter how many times I go, I can't help but look forward to going somewhere by train, somewhere by car, somewhere by Shinkansen, or somewhere by plane. Moreover, going to find what you are looking for is like going to "treasure hunt".

The day before the announcement of the fastest rainy season in history was announced, and the weather was fine on this day as well, making it a perfect day for treasure hunting.

We left the office around 7 o'clock, and we thought we had plenty of time, but the train, which is the means of transportation, was overcrowded. Although it was a limited express train, the inside of the car was crowded and the seats were separated from the president. Of course, a stranger next door. I wanted to open my PC to work, but the space between my seats was so small that I gave up and tried to sleep. But looking forward to today, I fell asleep early the day before, so I ended up being just shaken by the train for two hours. Well, sometimes this kind of time is not bad.

When we arrived at the station, we hadn't eaten since the morning, so we went to the cafe we ​​started in the morning and had breakfast. Human beings get sleepy when they eat rice.

Leave the cafe and walk for about 10 minutes to get a rental car. Of course, I chose the road from the back alley rather than the road from the main street and started heading. The back alley is a scary image, but there is a selfish prejudice that something unique to that area seems to be sleeping, but when I actually walked, there was a shop that felt the taste and a road that made me feel the history. It's a very good study because there are ideas born from these things.

I picked up a car and ran it. If you run a little, you can't feel it in Tokyo

The great outdoors were spreading. It feels really good.

Very cheerful grandpa

When I finally arrived at my destination and got out of the car, I was rowing a bicycle and said, "Oh! It was the owner's grandpa who was very cheerful and could withstand the heat.

She greeted me and greeted me inside because it was hot, and it was the treasure warehouse we were looking for. There were many similar warehouses lined up around us, and we were so excited.

Grandpa took me to a guest room in the warehouse, and she served a pile of chilled drinks from the refrigerator.

After a little calm, Grandpa started machine gun talk as if he was looking forward to us. In that talk, a cheerful grandpa told us a deep and deep story that was unimaginable, and we just listened and forgot to search for treasure.

The grandpa talking at that time looked happy and she was kind of like a child, but she told me that she really had a lot of experiences.

Treasure hunt

The story was divided, and I decided to go to the warehouse next time. It took a considerable amount of time to go around the warehouses, but treasures were sleeping in each of the warehouses. We checked the treasure from corner to corner, took pictures, found it, and took pictures repeatedly.

Everything is a treasure, but what I was looking for was still full of history, years, and sometimes technology and culture.

How do you use this?

Just thinking about it makes it exciting and fun. I was thinking about it while looking at the treasures used for the interior.

A treasure to enjoy business

I thought again when I came here, but after all Japan has wonderful materials, culture, technology and craftsmen. I want many people to know this by telling them about it.

The treasure was found and ordered, and Grandpa said this on his way home.

He said, "In the old days, I bought and sold everything, even small items. Now everyone can only look at expensive things. Even in this era, it's good to look for small items, even art. I'm sleeping a lot. So look at various things and absorb them to make a good design.

He said.

Grandpa said several times that he wouldn't be extravagant and would do business honestly. She is about to retire, and she may be worried about future generations.

She is not a business to make money, but a business to enjoy. I think she is loved by everyone and her fans are increasing because she is such a grandpa. She had a word with implications at the end, and she felt like she had found a treasure above all else.


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